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Get that honey.

Understand progress with visual reports to measure sweet analytics.

Once your Beez are deployed, we need to track progress.
A clear vision of what strategies work best and why
is vital to your company’s steady growth.

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Honey: custom visual analytics measuring your Beez performance and personalized 
recommendations based on the data.

Because you deserve to see what’s up with your Beez
every step of the way. And seeing can be fun. 


We work hard to amplify quality results as quickly as possible. By studying your monthly reports and identifying trends, we’re able to focus on the strongest strategies to ensure your most efficient and effective growth.


We offer easy ways to understand complex audience insights with customized charts, graphs, and diagrams. Sit back and watch the Honey roll in via monthly visual analytics delivered directly to your Hive account.


We take personalization one step further by providing our Beezkeeper’s professional recommendations¬†on how best to continue increasing overall success based on your current services, audience, and analytics.

Bee empowered.

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