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4 Reasons Your Small Business
Needs Powerful Photography


When it comes to online shopping and digital marketing, the right photo is worth thousands of impressions!

Need proof? A recent study published by Buffer shows that Tweets with images get than those without. The same goes for blogs – articles with photos receive 94% more total views. In e-Commerce, 70% of shoppers say that product image is the most important selling point for them when shopping.

So if you’re looking to start or improve your business marketing strategies, visual is the way to go! Read on for four reasons why your small business needs powerful photography.

1. Strong imagery forms a great first impression.

Vivid, eye-catching images are the true heart of online marketing. They represent your product or service, deliver a clear message in an instant, and grab your customer’s attention faster than any text ever will.

Believe it or not, web visitors form their first impression of a brand within half a glance, (50 milliseconds to be precise.) Your photos are the first tipping point between leaving your website and sticking around – so make sure your brand’s first impression is the best fit it can be with powerful imagery.

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2. Detailed product photography drives each purchase.

The most significant challenge for online shoppers is the inability to see, touch, smell, taste, and experience products before purchasing – which is where professional product photography comes in. 

The power of detailed product photography is hard to ignore, especially when it comes to e-Commerce. These shots are irreplaceable for showcasing a product’s shape, functionality, colors, unique features, textures, fabric weave, branding and other details. 

When your product is showcased in great detail at all angles, you give your customers more reason to hit that “Shop Now” button confidently!

3. Creative lifestyle photography tells your story.

Lifestyle photography is important imagery for your marketing tool belt. When products are captured in-context, it tells a story and delivers the promise of how your product can make your customer’s life better.

Lifestyle photos are best suited for social media platforms. They tend to receive more likes, shares, and engagement than standard product shots. It’s also a great way to highlight the personality of your target audience.

By presenting your shoes, horse head mask or banana slicer (all real examples, by the way!) in their “natural habitat,” you help your customers envision your product in their hands.

4. Quality photography makes you stand out.

Whether instilling trust on your homepage, grabbing attention on social media, or guiding customers to take action – your images do the brunt of the work when it comes to setting your small business apart from the rest. 

According to Etsy, 90% of e-shoppers say the quality of a product’s photo is the greatest influence for their buying decisions. This is especially true when you’re selling on platforms that display your products alongside your competitors. 

So when your potential clients are deciding between your product and someone else’s, how do you convince them to purchase yours? Give them bright, detailed, professionally-edited photos. It will make all the difference and set you apart from the crowd!

How can you accomplish high quality photography for your small business?

In the past, product and lifestyle photography were exclusively available to luxury brands. But with today’s advances in technology and our affordable photography services, high-quality images are more achievable than ever to elevate your small business.

At BEEZ, we believe in extraordinary storytelling through photography. Partner with our professionals today to portray your brand in the best light and achieve small business growth!

What story do your images tell? How do your accomplish powerful photography? Share your feedback in the comments below!

Author: Vira Sadlak

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